Thursday, January 28, 2010

1st Baron Raglan


It's minus one hundred million degrees celsius outside and my fashion style has gone down the frozen drain so all I wear now is sweatshirts and jeans. That being said, I currently have a mad obsession with crewnecks/raglans. It seems as though Forever21 also has a mad obsession and so it's only natural that I buy all the different kinds they've got stocked online.

p.s. for you mum: a post that isn't me, drunk.


Christina said...

I hate it when sometimes during the winter my style has gone down the drain. It's hard to be inspired when the weather is horrible.

libys11 said...

aaahh.. the weather has been so cruel!!! and yes, i have also noticed that f21 has piled up on the raglan trend! it's pretty sweet for places like us that's like 5 months covered with snow! ahaha!

Marina Siero said...

love the second one!

Rumi said...

yess I've been living in a stripey crewneck the shout out to your mom haha