Monday, February 8, 2010

Choses je veux


Walking boots, camel sweaters, gold watches, skintight dresses, book bags, dancing shoes, stripes stripes and more stripes, light denim, leopard scarves, and more skintight dresses.

These are some things that I either want or can't get enough of lately. Too bad I have to watch my Euros.



Adelheide said...

I love your sense of style! I am obsessed with stripes too. I'm also seriously obsessed with leather, if you are too check out Norisol Ferrari's collection of coats...they are stunning and so original! I think you'll really like them!!!

libys11 said...

aaahhh i want that bag!! that AA dress.. and those purple shoes!!!! stunning picks! :D

moi je joue said...

that creme lace-y dress looks stunning.
who makes it??

Chip said...

i'll take the bag i guess
k thanks

Anonymous said...

back into the AA double u neck dress? wait lan have you gone back in time to 2007 ?

Womens Tops said...

I love that black and white number! Good choice