Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is where I live . . .

J'aime les chats. Monseiur Plume!

J'aime les fêtes.

Je bois beaucoup du café.


I'm still alive and I have photos to prove it. Here are some reasons why I have been totally MIA for the last four weeks:

1. I moved to France.
2. I have really really terrible internet (like unimaginably terrible, so terrible that I can't even watch YouTube).
3. My point-and-shoot camera broke. 300€ to fix it. Booo!
4. I went to Barcelona with no computer.
5. For three weeks I had no luggage = no clothes = I looked like garbage.
6. People stay out really late here. So most of the pictures that I'm in are like the one above and I have one eye half shut or have a drink spilled on me. Shockingly, that was the best photo I could find. For serious. Sorry.

I hope you will all forgive me and we can move past this. And I promise to post much more exciting cool things later. Maybe I'll lurk around my neighborhood and take candid photos of cool looking French girls until I get arrested.

Bisous bisous bisous.



Les Deux said...

that cat is HUGE!
i wouldn't be surprised if you never come home. can't wait to visit you in a few months!

alexandra said...

vad gör du i paris??

Marina Siero said...

wow how lucky you now live in paris! i love this city...
great floral dress.


awheaty said...

I'm going to Montpellier in March, which clubs and bars are the best? x

moi je joue said...

vous etes living mon reves! haha.
i don't really know how to speak french but i like to pretend.

i would love to see what les cool french girls are wearing -but don't get arrested!

Chip said...