Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunshine & Sangria

Salut a tous!

Spring has officially sprung here in the South of France and I couldn't be happier. Sunday was spent swigging Sangria in the sunshine listening to good music with even better friends. Absolute perfection.

Sometimes life really is just that good.

Speaking of sunshine I'm getting out of this apartment and into the park!




rouli said...

cool n summer post!!!!!!!!!!

nice glasses!

Richard said...

You're turning into eachother and I am so happy!

Emma said...

Pretty girls, pretty dresses

mames said...

HAHA richard's comment is SPOT on

"hanna is looking a lot more like lana these days"
-Cara K about an hour ago

biotechnology said...

Sangria <3 ^^

Becca Jane said...

Loving the pretty summer dresses!

J said...

secrets, secrets are no fun...
so pretty and so pink.