Monday, June 28, 2010

coming home



i've been catching up with thearabparrot for the past few hours, and i saw this photo and immediately thought of cara and for a second i even thought it was a labatt light in her hand. cara and i have been shotgunning a lot of beers lately, so i thought it was relevant. if i was a dude, i think i'd be really turned on by super babes shotgunning beers.



i wish i had more interesting things to report but ever since i got back i've been peeling out to the beach any chance i can get. just not ready to dive into the city scene yet.

lan, take it away.



Michelle Elaine said...

i want to be at the beach - sigh i really need to go asap!


Chip said...

how is that not cara what the actual fuck

can I please see u soon???????? sooner than later?????? maybe grippin grain? keep july 14th open k

Colleen said...

wow. that yahoo q/a is incredibly offensive.