Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's not hunks but whatever

Inspired by Abby's recent post, this post is dedicated to the garbage that I carry around with me day and night. In order to keep this 100% authentic, I have not taken out or put anything in these bags since I last looked in them. I used this backpack today, and the orange chain bag last Friday. Please don't judge me.

Photobucket Photobucket

L-R: DAY-backpack, NIGHT-chainbag


American Apparel backpack
82 pages of commercial law notes
2 day planners
American Apparel sunnies
1 empty notebook
gifted highlighter
hair elastic
American Apparel hair bow
3.5 tylenol cold pills
some garbage
1 ziploc bag of goldfish cracker crumbs


Vintage orange chain purse
eyebrow mascara
spearmint gum
Visa card
4 lighters.....?
1 please try again Safeway thing
1 ziploc bag of goldfish cracker crumbs and approx. 4 goldfish crackers


Kristen said...

Take all 4 lighters and burn the 82 pages of commercial law notes and 2 day planners. Use all of the pens/pencils and write in the empty notebook all the fun things you can do in Toronto. Highlight the good stuff. Use the Visa to book a ticket. Throw out the garbage, take all the cold pills and connect the headphones to some music. Put your hair in a high bun and the bow on top. Pop a piece of spearmint in your mouth, slick back your eyebrows and try to scam Safeway into giving you some mad money for your trip. Put on your sunglasses and get on the airplane. I will see you and your $0.07 shortly.

Don't forget your bags.

Anonymous said...

show us the contents of your underwear drawer.


mukelarvin said...


She probably has goldfish crackers in her underwear drawer.


Tjejsajten said...

love you, bubs. you make my bags sound cooler.

i didn't find any goldfish crackers in my underwear drawer, but i did find another lighter.

Emma said...

Can you put those goldfish crackers back in your purse so I can have a little snack later tonight?

Cool thanks.

Lily said...

love it. although I do believe we planned some stellar posts last night, even if I can't remember details. (90s hunks? dui hunks?...)